Jo Corso is a Central New York native who moved to Nashville back in 2016. Since then, he has been all over the city working with indie rock bands, music venues, and even building guitars for Gibson. With over 15 years of guitar-playing experience, Jo honed his skills and landed a full-time position adjusting and setting up guitars for Gibson.

Before the pandemic hit, Jo was touring the country playing for indie rock bands from Texas to Maine. When not on tour, he frequented open mic nights in Nashville, drawing inspiration from the fingerstyle legends such as Jon Gomm, Andy McKee, and John Butler.

Jo has a passion for his craft and instrument, but he’s not just focused on his own music. He has played for pride events in both Tennessee and New York, and has been a part of fundraisers for organizations such as the Trevor Project. Jo is dedicated to not only playing and crafting instruments, but also giving back to his community through his music.